User Interface

The SOLIDWORKS Manage user interface has many improvements that create consistency and a better user experience.

Functionality Improvement
Bill of Materials (BOM) layout The controls in the BOM interface are modernized and consistent.
BOM flyout panel The flyout panel in the BOM tab is reorganized. You can collapse different areas, providing a better view of information.
SOLIDWORKS Add-in You can reorder columns in the Open and Structure tabs of the SOLIDWORKS Manage Add-in.
Where Used As Field tab The object grouping displayed in the Where Used As Field tab (usually displayed as the Referenced tab) shows the associated icon, module name, and number of results for each module type.
Process tab You can specify the position of the history lines in the Process tab to display at the bottom or on the right side. This improves screen usage depending on the layout of the process diagram.
Project Properties card The project Properties card displays a yellow information bar for consistency with other record types. You can collapse the system property and thumbnail image area to provide more space.