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Inserting Points

The Point command draws a point, usually used as a reference in drawings.

Points can serve as nodes to which you can snap entities, especially in 3D construction processes. Later, when the points are no longer necessary, you delete them.

An advantage to using points during construction is that you can use EntitySnaps to snap points. You can also use ETracking or the snap option From instead of inserting point entities into the drawing.

Points can be displayed in different styles and sizes.

You can use points as symbols in drawings, but only one point style can be active in a drawing.

To insert one point:

  1. Click Draw > Point > Single Point (or type Point).
  2. In the graphics area, specify the point location, or type the coordinates.

  Use the coordinate filter and inferencing for precise placement.

To insert multiple points:

  1. Click Draw > Point > Multiple Points (or type Point, and specify the Multiple option).
  2. In the graphics area, specify the point location, or type the coordinates.
  3. Repeat step 2 until you finish inserting points, and press Esc.

  If you use points for temporary reference, before you print or plot a drawing you can set the point style to no dot instead of deleting them. Alternatively, insert construction points on a separate Layer which you can turn off or freeze prior to printing or plotting, or which you can delete when the construction is finished.


Command: Point

Menu: Draw > Point

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