Updating Broken File References

File references can be broken when files are renamed, moved, or deleted. You can use the Update References command to repair the broken references.

When you check files in to the vault, if the Check In dialog box displays warnings of missing files, cancel the check in. If you ignore the warnings for missing files and check files in, the Update References wizard does not list the missing files.

The following commands in the Update References dialog box help you update broken references:

Find Files Opens the Find Files dialog box to let you search the vault for missing files.

Find File updates the broken reference with a file of the same name, in a different location. The file must already be in the vault.

You can use Find File to replace multiple references.

Replace File Opens the Replace File dialog box to let you browse to the location of a file to replace the selected file.

Replace File can update a broken reference with a file of a different name. The file can be in the vault or outside the vault.

You can only replace one reference at a time using Replace File.

Add Files to Vault When a referenced file is outside the vault, opens the Add Files to Vault dialog box, which lets you specify where to add the file within the vault.