File Properties Dialog Box

You can use the File Properties dialog box to view and change properties assigned to the selected file. The tabs and options vary depending on file type, registration information, and external references.

To view this dialog box:

Right-click the file and select Properties.

General tab Contains information such as the creation date and version number of the file.  
File Data Card tab Contains information specific to the file type (file extension). The content, layout, and options vary for different types of files.

For example, a drawing file with a .dwg file extension might include fields for Drawing Number and Scale and tabs for different layouts.

If a field contains a serial number and the file is checked out, right-click the file and select Generate next serial number. The next number is generated and written to the field.
External files are not supported as a source for serial numbers. If you see an error when you attempt to generate a serial number on a data card, ask your administrator to update the serial number generator to a supported type.
File Permissions tab Specifies which groups have permission to see the file:
  • Allow everyone to see this file. Gives access to all groups.
  • Allow only the following groups to see this file. Gives access to members in the groups you select.
You see this tab only if you can change file permissions.
Custom tab
Available only for the following legacy file formats:
  • SOLIDWORKS 2014 and earlier versions
  • Microsoft Office 2007
Shows the file's custom properties. If you check out the file, you can add a custom property by selecting a property Name, specifying a Value, and clicking Add. The added value appears on the Custom tab of the Properties dialog box when you view the file's properties in SOLIDWORKS.