Report Generator Interface

The Report Generator searches in the selected file vault for the information that you specify in one or more queries.

The Report Generator contains three panes: Queries, Selected files, and Results. You can use the View menu to switch between them.


The Queries pane displays all installed queries. Tooltips provide information about the queries. Right-click queries to select options to manage queries and view their properties, which are contained in the .crp file. To change the properties of a query or create new queries, open the .crp file, which is a text file.

For information on creating report queries using SQL queries, see SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration Tool Help: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Reports.

Selected Files

The files to be queried must appear in the Selected files pane. You can manage the files as you do using the Explorer. For example, you can sort files by clicking the column headings, and access commands by right-clicking a file.


Reports appear in the Results pane. You specify the report headings in the query files.

You can export the results to a colon-separated .csv file that can be imported into Excel. You can also copy the result values and paste them into other applications such as Notepad, Microsoft Word, or Excel.