Creating Virtual Documents

A virtual document represents project information for which no actual source file is available. For example, if you have a printed drawing but do not have the file from which it was generated, you can create a virtual document to associate it with the project.

A virtual document has a file data card but no physical content. If you obtain access to the file the virtual document represents, you can replace the virtual document with it.

To create a virtual document:

  1. Without selecting a file, right-click in the file view area and select New > Virtual Document .
  2. In the New Virtual File dialog box:
    1. Type a name for the virtual document.
    2. For Extension, type an extension used by the data card you want to associate with the virtual document.
      For example, type doc to associate the virtual document with the Office data card.
  3. Click OK.
    A virtual document with the icon and the extension .cvd is created. It is checked out to you.
  4. To add the virtual document to the vault, right-click it and select Check In.