Working Off-line

You can work on files in your local cache off-line when you are not connected to a SOLIDWORKS PDM vault.

In off-line mode, only files in your local cache are accessible. Files that are checked out are writeable.

In off-line mode, the Preview tab displays the part or assembly, but the other tabs contain no data. Right-click the file and click Properties to access information about the file.

To work off-line:

  1. In SOLIDWORKS PDM File Explorer, click Tools > Work Off-line.
    A notification indicates that the vault is going off-line. The folders in the vault display as blue if the vault is off-line.
    You can also set up an off-line session from the log in dialog box by clicking Work Offline.
  2. Work with files in the local cache.
    1. Right-click a file or folder in off-line mode and click Online > Get Latest Version , Online > Check Out , or Online > Check In .
    To return to working online:
    • Click Tools > Work On-line and log in. Folders no longer display as blue and you can use revision control commands again.