Preparing to Upgrade

Prepare the workstations involved in the upgrade before you begin the upgrade process.

Perform a complete vault backup, including:

  • File vault database
  • Archive files

See the chapter on backing up and restoring file vaults in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation Guide.

On the coordinator and agent workstations that are participating in the upgrade process:

  1. Install the same version and revision level of SOLIDWORKS PDM client.
  2. Create local views of the file vault to be upgraded.
  3. Check all files into the vault.
  4. Close SOLIDWORKS.

On the coordinator workstation:

  1. Give participating clients read/write access to all files in the vault you are upgrading.
  2. Create a folder for the work instruction files and share it with full (read/write) permissions for all participating clients.

Before you perform a full conversion, perform a trial file upgrade and test the conversion by opening a sample set in the target version of SOLIDWORKS to check for any conversion errors. See Performing a Trial File Upgrade.