Deploying Installations from the Option Editor

You can deploy installations directly from the Option Editor by using either a manual or a push method.

  • Use the Deploy Manually page of the Option Editor to email instructions to users on how to start the installation. Use this method when users have administrative privileges for their client machines.
    Under Administrative Options, you can assign administrative permissions to users by selecting Run the installation as a different user.
  • Use the Deploy Automatically page of the Option Editor to push installations automatically to target machines. Use this method when users do not have administrative privileges to install software on their systems. You can also perform custom installs with this method.

To deploy manually or automatically, you must store the administrative image installation directory to a Windows shared directory, so it is available through a network location, for example \\machine\shared_directory. You can also make the image available by copying it to a local directory on each machine, such as C:\SOLIDWORKS Admin\SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP0.