Defeature - Apply Defeature Rule Sets PropertyManager

In assemblies, you can create a defeature rule set to simplify a model.

You can use a rule set with a defeature group to defeature a model.

To open the Defeature - Apply Defeature Rule Sets PropertyManager:
  1. Open a model and click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature.
  2. In the PropertyManager, select Silhouette .
  3. Click Next until the Apply Defeature Rule Sets page appears.

Defeature Rule Sets

Load a saved Defeature Rule Set Specifies the rule set to load.

None displays when there are no loaded rule sets. Saved rule sets display in the list.

To specify the file location for the saved rule set, click Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations. Under Show folders for, select Defeature Rule Sets. Click Add to specify a location.

Apply Defeature Rules to Assembly

Rule Lists the rules.
Status Displays the results of applying the rule:
  • Pending. Displays when the rule is not applied or when an existing rule is modified but not reapplied.
  • Done (x of y bodies OK). After applying the rule, displays the number of components processed, x, and the number of components, y that meet the criteria.
Apply Applies all rules to the model in the order that the rules are listed. The defeatured geometry generates and a preview displays in the graphics area.

After a rule is applied to a component, no other rules are applied to that component.

After saving the model as a part, the defeature components display in the FeatureManager design tree.

The log file includes a list of components with a status of OK where components are defeatured or Failed where components are not defeatured.

Rules apply to part level components. Rules do not apply to subassemblies.
Clear Removes all the rules and deletes the simplified geometry applied to the model.
Edit Rules Opens the Defeature Rules Editor dialog box.
Save log Saves the log file.