Defeature Rules Editor Dialog Box

You can create a set of rules to automatically simplify the components in a model.

To open the Defeature Rules Editor dialog box:
  1. Open a model and click Defeature (Tools toolbar) or Tools > Defeature.
  2. In the PropertyManager, select Silhouette .
  3. Click Next until the Apply Defeature Rule Sets page appears.
  4. Under Apply Defeature Rules to Assembly, click Edit Rules.
New Creates a new rule set.
Open Opens an existing rule set.
Save Saves the rule set in a Defeature Rule Set file, .slddrs.
  Name Specifies a name for the rule set.
  Selection Criteria Displays the selection criteria.

For a new rule, click Define selection criteria to open the Advanced Component Selection dialog box where you define the selection rules.

To modify a rule, click the selection criteria for the rule. Under Rule Definition, click Selection Criteria.

In the Advanced Component Selection dialog box, the following functionality is not available when you open the dialog box from the Defeature PropertyManager:
  • Manage Searches tab
  • Name of Search
  • Apply
  Defeature Type Specifies a simplification method:

Bounding Box

Creates a cuboid bounding box.


Creates a cylinder derived from the dimensions of a cuboid bounding box.

Polygon Outline

Creates an extruded polygon that fits around the outline of the selected bodies and components.

Tight Fit Outline

Creates an extruded body by using the outlines of the selected bodies and components.

None (Copy Geometry)

Creates an exact copy of the selected bodies and components.

  Enclose in one body Creates a single body that includes the specified components.
  • Off
  • Per part
  • Entire group
When you select Cylinder or None (Copy Geometry) for Defeature Type, Enclose in one body is set to Off.
  Defeature Orientation Specifies a defeature orientation:
  • Automatic
  • Component XY
  • Component YZ
  • Component XZ
  • Global XY
  • Global YZ
  • Global XZ
  Visual properties


Includes appearances and textures in the defeatured model.

Don't propagate

Omits appearances and textures from the defeatured model.

  Rule Definition Displays the selected rule.

Click Selection Criteria to modify the rule.