On the Ballooning page, you can modify balloon appearance for only certain balloons in a project, or for all balloons in a project. The settings on the Ballooning page apply to all new balloons that you create.

To access this dialog box, click Home (ribbon) and click Options > Project Options > Ballooning.


Starting Values Specifies the starting number for balloons.
Increment Specifies the amount to increase between each characteristic number.
Text Color  
Fit Specifies the number of digits in balloons.
Text size

Text size

Specifies the font size in balloons.

Text size unit

Specifies the units for text size in balloons.

Set for document based on height of first capture

Automatically adjusts the balloon and text size based on the first capture.

Text Overflow

Fit text to balloon

Reduces the font size to fit in the balloon.

Fit balloon to text

Increases the balloon size to fit the text.


Border color  
Fill color  
Balloon shape  


Specifies the position of the balloon around the characteristic. You can also move balloons manually.

Leader Lines


Characteristics Identification

This section lets you specify additional balloon appearance properties to apply based on the Classification or Identification Criteria selected for the characteristic.

You can apply balloon appearance options by manually assigning a Classification value in the Characteristic PropertyManager or Table Manager.