File Ribbon

You can open and close projects, publish reports, and access the Template Editor and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Editor using tools on the File ribbon.

New Project Begins a new inspection project based on a specified template.
Open Project Opens an existing inspection project.
Import XML  
ADD CAD/PDF File(s) Adds files to an inspection project.
Close Project Closes the open project.
Save Saves a project.
Save As Saves a project as a different name or saves a project template.
Publish Publishes drawings or models to a variety of formats, including PDF, XML, Net-Inspect, and Microsoft® Excel®.
Template Editor Opens the Template Editor where you can create and customize report templates.
OCR Editor Opens the OCR Editor to create custom dictionaries to read drawings if the drawing's font is not supported by default font dictionaries.
Help Opens the online help.