On the OCR page, you can specify Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and imaging options.

To access this dialog box, click Home (ribbon) and click Options > Project Options > OCR.

Dimensions OCR Dictionary

SOLIDWORKS Inspection has many font dictionaries that provide the most accurate results from the OCR engine. This section lets you specify the dictionary for interpreting dimension data.



Font library that is accurate for most drawing files.


Font library that works best on light, block lettering, often seen with Autodesk® AutoCAD® or older PTC® Pro/ENGINEER® drawings.


Font library that works best with drawings created in CATIA.


Font library that works best when the drawing is in Century Gothic font.


Font library that works best with drawings created in Unigraphics® or Siemens NX™ software or with drawings using a block-letter type font.

Custom Specifies a custom dictionary.

Notes OCR Dictionary

Standard Specifies the font dictionary to interpret notes. There are dictionaries for each language supported by SOLIDWORKS.
Custom Specifies a custom font dictionary that you create with the SOLIDWORKS OCR Editor.

OCR Image Filtering

Filters can increase the accuracy of the Optical Character Recognition for drawings of poor quality.

Sharpen Clarifies blurry characters.
Dilate Increases the size of black pixels to improve the readability of fine and degraded characters.
Edge Enhancement Creates more defined edges for characters.
Stretch Percentage Stretches images to create spacing between characters.
Image Capture Resolution Specifies the image quality. A higher resolution can slow the export.