Creating Multiple Instances of Characteristics and Balloons

To create multiple instances of characteristics and balloons:

  1. In the Table Manager, on the Characteristics tab, or in a drawing, right-click a characteristic and click Copy.
  2. Optional: Right-click where you want to paste the cut items, click Paste, and specify:
    • Quantity. Pastes a specified number of balloons, characteristics, or capture rectangles.
    • Balloon. Pastes a copy of the balloon. The balloon number remains the same.
    • Characteristic. Pastes the characteristic.
    • Capture Rectangle. Pastes the balloon with a new number and an empty characteristics capture rectangle.

      You can drag the characteristic rectangle to the location of the new characteristic, which displays the data in the rectangle. The extracted data for the characteristic appears in the Table Manager on the Characteristic tab. The value is blank in the capture rectangle until you place it over the correct value.

  3. Click .
    The pointer shows the number of balloons and characteristics to paste.
  4. Click places on the drawing to paste each instance.