SOLIDWORKS Inspection CommandManager

  Tool Description
New Inspection Project Creates an inspection project.
Edit Inspection Project Modifies the current inspection project settings.
Create New Template Creates a new inspection template based on the current settings.
Add Characteristic Adds characteristics to an inspection report.
Add/Edit Balloons Adds balloons to characteristics in a drawing or edits balloons settings.
Remove Balloons Removes all balloons from a drawing.
Select Balloons Selects all inspection balloons on the active sheet of a drawing.
Balloon Sequence Defines the balloon numbering sequence in multisheet drawings.
Update Inspection Project Refreshes characteristics in the inspection project if the drawing has changed.
Launch Template Editor Opens the template editor to customize inspection report templates.
Edit Inspection Methods Edits or customizes the list of inspection methods.
Edit Operations Edits or customizes the list of manufacturing processes for inspection.
Edit Vendors Edits or customizes the vendors list.
Export to 2D PDF Exports a ballooned drawing to a 2D PDF file.
Export to Excel Exports inspection characteristics to a Microsoft® Excel® report.
Export to SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project Exports the inspection project to an .ixprj file that you can open in SOLIDWORKS Inspection Standalone.
Export to 3d PDF Exports a ballooned MBD file to a 3D PDF file.
Export to eDrawings Exports a ballooned document to an eDrawings file.
Net-Inspect Exports project data to Net-Inspect (an online quality management solution).