Creating an Inspection Project

To create inspection reports, you need to create a new inspection project based on a template.

Project templates include extraction settings, characteristic information (such as classification and sorting), balloon shape, appearance, and default tolerances. You can customize inspection project templates to meet your company, vendor, or client requirements.

To create an inspection project:

  1. With a SOLIDWORKS model open, click New Inspection Project (SOLIDWORKS Inspection toolbar).
  2. In the Project Template Selection PropertyManager, under Project Settings, select a project template and click .
  3. Optional: In Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations, you can specify the default folder location for inspection project templates. In Show folders for, select Inspection Project Template Folder and specify a location.
  4. In the Create Inspection Project PropertyManager, specify options for General Settings, Extraction Settings, and Tolerance Settings and click .
  5. Click .