Annotation Properties

Lets you select the types of annotations that you want to display and set text scale and other annotations options.

To select the types of annotations to display:

In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click the Annotations folder and select Details.

Display filter To specify the annotation types to display by default, select Display all types, or clear Display all types and select individual types.
Cosmetic threads Shaded cosmetic threads
Datums Geometric tolerances
Datum targets Notes
Feature dimensions Surface finish
Reference dimensions Welds
DimXpert dimensions Display all types
Always display text at the same size When selected, all annotations and dimensions are displayed at the same size regardless of zoom. Note that drawings have this option disabled and always zoom the text height.
Text scale (For part and assembly documents). When Always display text at the same size is cleared, you can specify a scale for the default size of annotation text. To set a custom text scale, select Custom, then enter the first and second value of the custom scale. For example, enter 3 and 10 to set the scale to 3:10.
Display items only in the view orientation in which they are created When selected, any annotation is displayed only when the model is viewed in the same orientation as when the annotation was added. Rotating the part or selecting a different view orientation removes the annotation from the display.
Display annotations / Display assembly annotations When selected, all annotation types that are selected in the Display filter are displayed. For assemblies, this includes not only the annotations that belong to the assembly, but also the annotations that are displayed in the individual part documents.
Use assembly setting for all components When selected, the display of all annotations matches the setting for the assembly document, regardless of the setting in the individual part documents. Use this option along with the Display assembly annotations check box to display different combinations of annotations.
JIS surface finish size If you use JIS dimensioning standards, specify the JIS surface finish size (either 1, 2, or 3 Characters or Custom Scale). If you select Custom Scale, specify the scale value in the Scale box.