Direct Input of Equations in PropertyManagers

For many features, you can enter and modify equations directly in PropertyManager fields that allow numerical inputs. You can create equations with global variables, functions, and file properties without accessing the Equations, Global Variables and Dimensions dialog box.

The following table lists many of the PropertyManagers where this capability is available:
Part Features Assembly Features
Extruded Boss/Base Extruded Cut
Extruded Cut Revolved Cut
Simple Hole Fillet
Revolved Boss/Base Chamfer
Revolved Cut Hole
Fillet Linear Pattern
Chamfer Circular Pattern
Base Flange  
Edge Flange  
Linear Pattern  
Circular Pattern  
Curve Driven Pattern  
Extruded Surface  
Revolved Surface  
Fillet Surface  
Move/Copy Body  
For example, in the PropertyManager for the Extruded Boss/Base feature, you can enter equations in:
  • Depth fields for Direction 1 and Direction 2
  • Draft fields for Direction 1 and Direction 2
  • Thickness fields for a Thin Feature with two direction types
  • Offset Distance field

To determine if a numeric field accepts equation input, hover over the field to display the following tool tip: Enter a value or start with = to create an equation.

Numeric input fields that contain equations can display either the equation itself or its evaluated value. You can toggle between the equation and the value by clicking the Equations OTTool_Equations_Tools.gif or Global Variable button that appears at the beginning of the field.

If the feature applies to more than one configuration, a configuration button appears in the input field. You can specify whether the equation will affect one configuration, all configurations, or selected configurations.

You cannot change an evaluated value when it is displayed in the input field, but you can toggle to the equation and then edit or delete the equation.

Equations that you create or edit in the PropertyManager, Equations dialog box, or Modify dialog box are reflected in all areas.