Viewing the Lifecycle Information of Files

You can view the Lifecycle information of files from MySession directly in the FeatureManager design tree and other locations in the Design with SOLIDWORKS app.

Expand the Design Pane to show two tabs:
  • Lifecycle panel (#1). Displays Lifecycle columns with information from MySession:
    • Status (Saved or not saved to the platform).
    • Reservation (Locked or Unlocked). Click the icon to switch between Locked and Unlocked.
    • Rev (Revision #)
    • Is Latest Revision (Yes/No)
  • Display panel (#2). Shows the display states of the model.
You can also view the Reservation status of files in the SOLIDWORKS title bar. The Reservation statuses are:
  • Not Locked
  • Locked by me
  • Locked by <user who locked the file>