Evaluating the Cost of Assemblies in Nested Tree Mode

To evaluate the cost of subassemblies in an assembly:

  1. In an assembly, click Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Costing .
  2. In the Costing Task Pane, under Costing Templates, in Main template, select a template.
  3. Under Part List:
    1. Click Nested Tree.
    2. Select parts for:
      • Costs to be calculated
      • Cost Defined
      You can view only parts and not assemblies in the above sections.
  4. To set or change a predefined cost, select the part in Cost defined and enter the cost.
  5. Under Toolbox Parts, select parts and select an option:
    • Exclude. Excludes the selected bodies from cost calculations.
    • Include. Includes the selected bodies for cost calculations.
  6. Click Begin Cost Estimation.
  7. Click Yes.
    When you click Yes, the subassemblies that are saved with a cost calculated with a flat tree method may change.
  8. In the CostingManager, right-click the subassembly cost and click one of these options on the shortcut menu:
    • Use Cost from Template
    • Use Purchased Cost
    • Use Custom property Cost
    • Use Calculated Cost
    You can change between Use Cost from Template/ Use custom property Cost, Use Purchased Cost and Use Calculated Cost options. If a custom property is defined for a subassembly, then the option Use Cost from Template is not visible on the shortcut menu.
    The assembly cost is updated.