Converting Circular Cut Paths to Drilled Holes

To facilitate costing of sheet metal parts or machined plate parts from machining templates, you can convert circular cut paths into drilled holes.

You can also revert drilled holes back to cut paths.

To convert a circular cut path to a drilled hole for a sheet metal part:

  1. Click Costing tool_costing_tools.gif (Tools toolbar or the Evaluate tab on the CommandManager) or Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Costing.
  2. If this is a sheet metal part, in the Costing Task Pane, under Method, select Machined Plate.
  3. To set up the cost estimate, in the Costing Task Pane, select the template and material.
    Keep Plate as the Stock Body selection.
  4. In the CostingManager, expand the Cut Paths folder, right-click a circular cut path, and click Change to Drill.
    To revert the drilled hole to a cut path, expand the Holes folder, right-click the drilled hole, and click Change to Cut Path.