Temporarily Hiding Faces When Selecting Mates

Use the Alt key to temporarily hide a face when you need to select an obscured face for mates.

You can use this keyboard shortcut only with the following Mate commands:
  • Insert Mates
  • Edit Mates
  • Copy with Mates
  • Mated Entities

The components must be displayed in Shaded or Shaded with Edges modes. After you select a mate, the hidden faces become visible.

To temporarily hide a face:

  1. Click Mate (Assembly toolbar) or Insert > Mate.
  2. With focus in the graphics area, hover over a face and press Alt. The face is temporarily hidden.
  3. To show the temporarily hidden face, press Shift + Alt.
  4. To show all temporarily hidden faces in a semi-transparent state, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt.
  5. To restore visibility to all temporarily hidden faces, press ESC.