Location and Time Settings

Location, Date and Time settings are available on the General subtab of the Scenes tab when you select a Sunlight environment.

Sun and earth graphic Lets you specify the Sun Incline, Latitude, and Longitude graphically.

Click one of the suns to specify the Sun Incline, or enter it precisely by changing Time (time of day is the biggest factor in determining the incline of the sun at a fixed geo-location). The sun on the far right is 0º, then 45º, then 90º over the north pole, then 135º, then 180º.

Click the latitude and longitude lines to specify their approximate values.

Calendar Specifies the month, date, and year to simulate.
Current Date and Time Specifies the time of day simulated on a 24-hour clock. In combination with Calendar, Latitude, and Longitude, Time determines the Sun Incline.
Set Time to Now Uses your system time for Month and Time.
Latitude Specifies the latitude of the location to simulate.
Longitude Specifies the longitude of the location to simulate.
Sun Incline (Read-only.) Displays the altitude of the simulated sun in the environment sphere.