Improved Leadin and Leadout Calculations for Contour Mill Toolpaths

The calculation of Leadin and Leadout moves is improved so that the XY start and end points are accurately represented in a compensated toolpath.

In addition to maintaining the same XY start and end points, SOLIDWORKS CAM automatically adds the tool radius to any arc moves you specify for Leadins and Leadouts.

For example, if you use a 10mm diameter tool with an arc Leadin of 3mm, the calculated Leadin arc value is 8mm. When the toolpath is compensated on the machine, the resulting motion produces an arc move of 3mm. For other types of Leadin and Leadout moves, the length and angle of the Leadin and Leadout line segments automatically adjust.
For legacy parts, you need to regenerate contour mill toolpaths for these changes to take effect.