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InsertPdf Method (ISketchManager)
Array of IPdfReferences

Inserts page images from a PDF.

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Function InsertPdf( _
   const dsString& PathName As System.String, _
   const dsDoubleArray& InsertXDblArray As System.Object, _
   const dsDoubleArray& InsertYDblArray As System.Object, _
   const dsDoubleArray& InsertZDblArray As System.Object, _
   const dsDoubleArray& ScaleDblArray As System.Object, _
   const dsDoubleArray& RotationDblArray As System.Object, _
   const dsLongArray& PagesCountLongArray As System.Object _
) As System.Object
System.object InsertPdf( 
   System.string PathName,
   System.object InsertXDblArray,
   System.object InsertYDblArray,
   System.object InsertZDblArray,
   System.object ScaleDblArray,
   System.object RotationDblArray,
   System.object PagesCountLongArray
   PathName : String,
   InsertXDblArray : Array,
   InsertYDblArray : Array,
   InsertZDblArray : Array,
   ScaleDblArray : Array,
   RotationDblArray : Array,
   PagesCountLongArray : Array
) : dsObject
COM native C++ 
HRESULT InsertPdf( 
   BSTR PathName,
   VARIANT InsertXDblArray,
   VARIANT InsertYDblArray,
   VARIANT InsertZDblArray,
   VARIANT ScaleDblArray,
   VARIANT RotationDblArray,
   VARIANT PagesCountLongArray,
DSRESULT InsertPdf( 
   const dsString& PathName,
   const dsDoubleArray& InsertXDblArray,
   const dsDoubleArray& InsertYDblArray,
   const dsDoubleArray& InsertZDblArray,
   const dsDoubleArray& ScaleDblArray,
   const dsDoubleArray& RotationDblArray,
   const dsLongArray& PagesCountLongArray,


Path and file name of the PDF
Array of x coordinates of pages
Array of y coordinates of pages
Array of z coordinates of pages
Array of scale factors of pages
Array of rotation angles of pages
Array of page numbers
[out] or Return Value
Array of IPdfReferences



'This example shows how to insert a PDF into a sketch.

' Preconditions:
' 1. Create a VBA macro in a software product in which VBA is
'    embedded.
' 2. Copy and paste this example into the Visual Basic IDE.
' 3. Add a reference to the DraftSight type library,
'    install_dir\bin\dsAutomation.dll.
' 4. Change the path and file name of a PDF to insert.
' 5. Start DraftSight and open a drawing.
' 6. Run the macro.
' Postconditions: See the DraftSight Command Window for output
' messages and all of your drawing's immediate child references.
Option Explicit

Sub main()

    Dim dsApp As DraftSight.Application
    Dim dsDoc As DraftSight.Document
    Dim dsModel As DraftSight.Model
    Dim dsSketchManager As DraftSight.SketchManager
    Dim dsReference As DraftSight.ReferenceImage
    Dim dsPdfReference As DraftSight.PdfReference
    Dim dsDgnReference As DraftSight.DgnReference
    Dim dsImageDefinition As DraftSight.ImageDefinition
    Dim dsPdfDefinition As DraftSight.PdfDefinition
    Dim dsDgnDefinition As DraftSight.DgnDefinition
    Dim extDefTypeArray As Variant
    Dim extDefArray As Variant
    Dim commandline As DraftSight.CommandMessage
    Dim imageFileName As String
    'Connect to DraftSight
    Set dsApp = GetObject(, "DraftSight.Application")
    'Abort any command currently running in DraftSight
    'to avoid nested commands
    Set commandline = dsApp.GetCommandMessage()
    'Get active document
    Set dsDoc = dsApp.GetActiveDocument()
    If Not dsDoc Is Nothing Then
        'Get model space
        Set dsModel = dsDoc.GetModel()
        'Get Sketch Manager
        Set dsSketchManager = dsModel.GetSketchManager()
        'Specify PDF (*.pdf) to insert into the sketch
        imageFileName = "c:\Users\J4M\Desktop\INT-SWCheckinPolicyGuide-260718-1510-2.pdf"
        'Insert PDF reference
        Dim xcoords(4) As Double
        xcoords(0) = 0#
        xcoords(1) = 1#
        xcoords(2) = 2#
        xcoords(3) = 3#
        xcoords(4) = 4#
        Dim ycoords(4) As Double
        ycoords(0) = 0#
        ycoords(1) = 1#
        ycoords(2) = 2#
        ycoords(3) = 3#
        ycoords(4) = 4#
        Dim zcoords(4) As Double
        zcoords(0) = 0#
        zcoords(1) = 0#
        zcoords(2) = 0#
        zcoords(3) = 0#
        zcoords(4) = 0#
        Dim pagesArray(4) As Long
        pagesArray(0) = 1
        pagesArray(1) = 2
        pagesArray(2) = 3
        pagesArray(3) = 4
        pagesArray(4) = 5
        Dim scaleFactor(4) As Double
        scaleFactor(0) = 1#
        scaleFactor(1) = 1#
        scaleFactor(2) = 1#
        scaleFactor(3) = 1#
        scaleFactor(4) = 1#
        Dim Rotation(4) As Double
        Rotation(0) = 0#
        Rotation(1) = 0#
        Rotation(2) = 0#
        Rotation(3) = 0#
        Rotation(4) = 0#
        Dim refArray As Variant
        refArray = dsSketchManager.InsertPdf(imageFileName, xcoords, ycoords, zcoords, scaleFactor, Rotation, pagesArray)
        If IsEmpty(refArray) Then
            commandline.PrintLine imageFileName & " PDF not inserted."
            commandline.PrintLine "A PDF was inserted in the drawing."
        End If
        commandline.PrintLine "There are no open documents in DraftSight."
    End If
    'Get definition of the inserted PDF
    Set dsPdfDefinition = refArray(0).GetDefinition()
    commandline.PrintLine "PDF is loaded? " & dsPdfDefinition.IsLoaded
    'Get all immediate child references of the active document
    'In addition to the just inserted PDF, your drawing may
    'contain other immediate child references of various image types
    dsDoc.GetImmediateChildReferences extDefTypeArray, extDefArray
    Dim objecttype As dsObjectType_e
    Dim objectdefinition As Object
    Dim i As Long
    For i = 0 To UBound(extDefTypeArray)
        objecttype = extDefTypeArray(i)
        Set objectdefinition = extDefArray(i)
        If (objecttype = dsObjectType_e.dsImageDefinitionType) Then
            Set dsImageDefinition = objectdefinition
            commandline.PrintLine "Raster image page " & (i + 1) & " Path: " & dsImageDefinition.GetPath()
            commandline.PrintLine "Found In Path: " & dsImageDefinition.GetFoundInPath()
        ElseIf (objecttype = dsObjectType_e.dsPdfDefinitionType) Then
            Set dsPdfDefinition = objectdefinition
            commandline.PrintLine "PDF page " & (i + 1) & " Path: " & dsPdfDefinition.GetPath()
            commandline.PrintLine "Found In Path: " & dsPdfDefinition.GetFoundInPath()
        ElseIf (objecttype = dsObjectType_e.dsDgnDefinitionType) Then
            Set dsDgnDefinition = objectdefinition
            commandline.PrintLine "DGN page " & (i + 1) & " Path: " & dsDgnDefinition.GetPath()
            commandline.PrintLine "Found In Path: " & dsDgnDefinition.GetFoundInPath()
        End If
End Sub


All of the parameter arrays are the save size and map one to one.

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DraftSight 2020 SP0

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