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Data Types

The Lisp interpreter uses the following data types:

Symbol Symbols are named data objects. Symbols serve to name functions and variables. You can assign values to symbols to set variables.
The name of a symbol can be specified using any printable characters with the exception of: . ' " ; ( )
Naming symbols is not case sensitive.
Example for setting a symbol x to a value: (setq x 33)
String A text string expression may be of any length and contains a sequence of characters enclosed by " (double quotes).
Real Number Floating-point numbers (with one or more decimal places).
Integer Number without decimal places in the range of -2147483648 through 2147483647.
List Assigns elements to a symbol, for example (1 2 3) or ("1" "2" "3").
2D points and 3D points are expressed in lists. The list elements are real numbers representing the drawing coordinates like (1.0 2.0) or (1.0 2.0 3.0).
File Handle Unique identifier for a file that has been opened with a Lisp function
Entity Name Unique identifier for a drawing entity
Selection Set Name Unique identifier for a group of drawing entities (a set of selected entities)
Internal Function Built-in function or a function defined with Lisp itself
External Function Function provided by the application or defined by the application developer that can be executed like a built-in command

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