Adding a Hex Bolt

Now you add a standard hex bolt from the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox library.

  1. Open the Design Library .
  2. Expand Toolbox/ISO/Bolts and Screws/Hex Bolts and Screws.
    If you are prompted to configure Toolbox, see your Toolbox administrator. If you are the Toolbox administrator, click Configure and close the Toolbox Settings wizard.
    The lower pane of the Design Library displays thumbnail previews of the available hardware types.
  3. Drag a Hex Screw Grade AB ISO 4014 to the graphics area of the assembly, but do not drop it yet.
    Notice a preview of the bolt appears in the graphics area.

  4. Drop the bolt into one of the holes when the preview changes to the following:

    The Configure Component PropertyManager appears. You set the parameters of the selected component in this PropertyManager.