Completing the Lip on the Part

  1. In the Offset Entities PropertyManager, under Parameters, set Offset Distance to 2.
    The preview shows the offset extending outward.
  2. Select Reverse to change the offset direction.
  3. Click .
    A set of lines is added to the sketch, offset from the outside edge of the selected face by 2mm. This relation is maintained if the original edges change.
  4. Click Exit Sketch (Sketch tab) to exit the sketch.
    The Cut-Extrude PropertyManager appears.
  5. Under Direction 1, set Depth to 20.
    You might need to click Flip side to cut to place the cut on the outer face of the part.
  6. Click .
    The material between the two lines is cut, creating the lip.

  7. Click Zoom to Fit (Heads-up View toolbar).