Creating the Base Feature

You can use the same methods that you learned in Lesson 1 to create the base for a new part.

  1. Click New (Standard toolbar) and open a new part.
  2. Click Shaded with Edges on the Heads-up View toolbar.
  3. Click Extruded Boss/Base (Features tab) and select the Front plane.
  4. Sketch a corner rectangle beginning at the origin.
  5. Click Smart Dimension (Sketch tab) and dimension the rectangle to 120mm x 120mm.
  6. Click Exit Sketch (Sketch tab) to exit the sketch.
    The Boss-Extrude PropertyManager and a preview of the extrusion appear.
  7. Under Direction1:
    1. Set End Condition to Blind.
    2. Set Depth to 90.
  8. Click to create the extrusion.
  9. Click Fillet (Features tab) and select the four edges shown.
  10. In the PropertyManager, under Fillet Parameters, set Radius to 10.
  11. Click to fillet the selected edges.