Creating a Lip on the Part

In this section, you use the Convert Entities and Offset Entities tools to create sketch geometry. Then you create a cut to make a lip to mate with the part from Lesson 1.

  1. Click Zoom to Area (Heads-up View toolbar) and drag-select to a corner of the part, as shown.

  2. Click Zoom to Area (Heads-up View toolbar) again to turn off the tool.
  3. Select the front face of the thin wall.
    The face is highlighted.

  4. Click Extruded Cut (Features tab).
    A sketch opens on the selected face.
  5. Click Convert Entities (Sketch tab).
    The outer edges of the selected face are projected (copied) onto the sketch plane as lines and arcs.

  6. Click the front face again.
  7. Click Offset Entities (Sketch tab).
    The Offset Entities PropertyManager appears.