Adding Dimensions to a Drawing

Drawings contain 2D views of models. You can choose to display dimensions specified in the model in all of the drawing views.

  1. Click Model Items on the Annotations tab.
    The Model Items PropertyManager appears. You can select which types of dimensions, annotations, and reference geometry to import from the model.
  2. Under Source/Destination:
    1. Under Source, select Entire model to import all the model dimensions.
    2. Select Import items into all views.
  3. Under Dimensions:
    1. Click Marked for drawing to insert only those dimensions that are marked in parts for drawings.
    2. Select Eliminate duplicates to insert unique model items only.
  4. Click OK .
    Dimensions are imported into the view where the feature they describe is most visible.

  5. Drag the dimensions to position them as shown.
  6. Click Save on the Standard toolbar and save the drawing document as Tutor1.
    The default extension is .slddrw.