Creating a Drawing of a Part

  1. Open Tutor1.SLDPRT if it is not open. Then return to the drawing window.
  2. Click Model View on the Drawing tab.
    The pointer changes to .
  3. In the PropertyManager, do the following:
    1. Under Part/Assembly to Insert, select Tutor1.
    2. Click Next .
    3. For Orientation, click *Front under Standard views.
    4. For Orientation, select Preview to display a preview in the graphics area.
    5. Under Options, select Auto-start projected view to automatically display the Projected View PropertyManager when you place an orthogonal model view.
    6. Under Display Style, click Hidden Lines Removed .
    7. Under Scale, select Use custom scale and set to 1:4.
  4. Move the pointer into the graphics area.
    The pointer changes to with a preview of the front view of Tutor1.SLDPRT.
  5. Click to place the front view as Drawing View1, as shown below.
    After the PropertyManager is closed, when you move the pointer over this view, the tooltip identifies it as Drawing View1.
  6. Move the pointer up, and click to place Drawing View2, then move to the side and click to place Drawing View3.

  7. Click OK .
    This tutorial uses third angle projection, so Drawing View2 is the Top view, and Drawing View3 is the Right view.

    To use first angle projection, right-click anywhere on the drawing sheet, and click Properties. Then select First angle in the Sheet Properties dialog box.

    In first angle projection, Drawing View2 is the Bottom view and Drawing View3 is the Left view.