Setting the Detailing Options

Next, set the default dimension font, and set the style of dimensions, arrows, and other detailing options. For this lesson, use the settings described below. Later, you can set the detailing options to match your company’s standards.

You can set options to custom SOLIDWORKS functionality to your needs.

System Options are stored in the registry and are not part of the documents. Therefore, these options affect all documents, current and future.

Document Properties apply only to the current document. The Document Properties tab is available only when a document is open. New documents get their document settings (such as Units, Image Quality, and so on) from the document properties of the template used to create the document.

  1. Click Options on the Standard toolbar.
  2. On the Document Properties tab, under Drafting Standard, click Annotations.
  3. Under Text, click Font.
    The Choose Font dialog box appears.
  4. Under Height, set Points to 12, then click OK.
  5. Under Drafting Standard, click Dimensions.
  6. Select Remove in Trailing zeroes to remove all trailing zeroes from the dimensions displayed.
  7. Click OK.