Export PropertyManager

You can export results from SOLIDWORKS Plastics such as: in-mold residual stresses, thermomechanical, and fiber-equivalent material properties to other structural simulation software.

To open the Export PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager tree, expand Results, and click Export.

You can export in-mold residual stresses, thermo-mechanical, and fiber-equivalent material properties to the following software formats:

  • Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Abaqus®
  • ANSYS®
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation®
  • e-Xstreme Engineering Digimat® (composite materials modeling software)
The data you export are in CGS units, temperature data in degrees Kelvin and stress data in Dynes/cm^2.

Save Options

Options Description
Save as Type Select the target software format to export the selected result component.

To export deformed geometry, select Model (STL, NAS, PG3) (Nastran (NAS) and native SOLIDWORKS Plastics (PG3) formats).

Component Select In-Mold Residual Stress or De-molding Residual Stress.
Deformation Factor (Available when Model (STL, NAS, PG3) is selected).

When exporting a deformed geometry, you can apply a scaling (deformation factor). This scaling can either be uniform or nonuniform. For nonuniform scaling, you apply a different scaling in each of the three major axes X, Y, or Z.
Export Exports the selected component to a software format of your choice.