Summary PropertyManager

You can view a summary of your analysis.

To open the Summary PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager tree, right-click Results, and select Summary.


View key information of your model and Fill, Pack, Cool, and Warp module results.

Model Lists the study characteristics, injection unit settings, and physical attributes. Information includes the part volume and mass, model size, mesh type, and material properties (melt, mold, and ejection temperatures).
Fill Includes cycle time, injection pressure, maximum shear rate and shear stress, and other Fill analysis results.
Pack Includes clamp force, maximum residual stress, and other Pack analysis results.
Cool Includes the average part cooling time, part temperature, mold temperature, and other Cool analysis results.
Warp Includes maximum total displacement, and X-, Y-, and Z-direction displacements.

Report Generator

Fill in the tabs with your project-specific information.

The software includes two standard report templates Classic and Light. You can also create your custom report template. Three report formats are available: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and HTML.

Cover Type any project-specific information.
Introduction Add an introduction section to the report.
Special Notes Add any project-specific notes to include in the report.
Generate Image File
  • Select all simulation results to include in the report, or select individual results.
  • Save images as static GIF files or AVI animations.
  • Customize the orientation of each image under Orientation.
  • Under Description, add notes to document key insights from the simulation results.
Template Select the Classic or Light template to generate the report. Click Select Custom Template to create a custom Microsoft Word file template (*.dot, *.dotx, *.doc, or *.docx)