X-Y Plot PropertyManager

You can use X-Y plots to visualize key results such as the evolution of the Clamp force as a function of the cycle time, or to view pressure buildup at the injection point.

To open the X-Y Plot PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • In the PlasticsManager tree, expand Results, and double-click X-Y Plot.
  • In the Plastics CommandManager, click X-Y Plot.

Available X-Y Plots

You can generate XY plots at global reference points or at user-selected nodes. For example, with an XY plot you can visualize pressure and temperature changes at user-selected nodes as a function of time.
Global Results Plots XY curves of four key results: Maximum Injection Pressure, Melt Front Flow Rate, Clamp Force, and Part Mass.
Local Results Plots XY curves of pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, and curing at user-selected nodes. This option is used along with Selection List (for Local Results).
Local Results - Cool Simulation Plots XY curves of temperature at user-selected nodes. This option is used along with Selection List (for Local Results). You can also select points inside the virtual mold to plot XY curves.

Selection List (for Local Results)

Use this feature to select nodes on the model to create an XY plot of these results: pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, curing as a function of time.

Add to List Select a node on the model and then click Add to List to generate the XY plot. By adding nodes, the XY plot dynamically updates with the selected nodes.
Delete from List Deletes nodes from the XY plot.
Set Reference Plane This tool can facilitate the selection of nodes. Select XY, YX, or XZ for the orientation of the reference plane, and then use the slider to adjust the location of the reference plane. Click Add to List to select nodes to plot the XY curves.

Display Options

Use this option along with Local Results.

You can animate the filling and cooling of the part, color-shaded with temperature or pressure values, or you can plot the distribution of the selected parameter at a specified time step.

Use Clipping Plane Mode or Isosurface Mode for better visualization of analysis results.