Batch Manager

The Batch Manager lets you set up multiple analysis jobs to run immediately or later.

To open the Batch Manager:

  • In the Plastics CommandManager, click Batch Manager .

In the PropertyManager File Explorer, select the configurations to run and add them to the list for batch computation.

Batch Controls

Add Analysis Adds an analysis for batch processing.
Change Analysis Changes the analysis type.
Delete Analysis Deletes an analysis from the batch list.
Move Up Moves the selected analysis up the batch list.
Move Down Moves the selected analysis down the batch list.
Start Starts the batch analysis.
Stop Stops the batch analysis.
  Start Time Specifies the starting time for the batch analysis computation.
  Number of modules Determines the number of analyses executed simultaneously.

The software uses all available CPU core processors during the multithreaded portions of the analysis, regardless of the Number of modules you specify. The CPU core processors are equally split between the analyses that are simultaneously executed.

The running batch computation must complete without interruptions before you can add a new analysis job to the batch computation.