Injection Unit Settings - Flow Rate Profile Settings

Controls the flow rate during the filling of the cavity by defining a Flow Rate Profile based either on volume or time control.

Flow Rate Profile Settings  
  Volume control (Absolute control)/Base on machine max flow rate You can control the variation of Flow rate or Screw speed in terms of the percentage of filled cavity volume or the screw position. By default you can enter five data pairs. You can increase the number of data pairs in Section number.

Flow rate (cc/sec) or (in3/sec)

Specifies the volumetric flow rate.

Flow rate (%)

Specifies the flow rate as a percentage of the Reference flow rate. For example, if the Reference flow rate (cc/s) is 350, and you enter a flow rate of 80%, then the actual flow rate is 280.

Screw speed

Used together with the Screw diameter to calculate the flow rate (flow rate = Screw speed * Screw section Area).

Screw position

Used together with the Initial screw position to define the volume of material delivered to the cavity.

Volume (%)

The percentage of the filled cavity volume. Enter a value of 100% in the last table entry.

  • Specify an Initial screw position, if the Flow Rate depends on the screw position.
  • Specify a Reference flow rate (cc/s), if you define the flow rate as a percentage of the reference flow rate.
  • Specify a Screw diameter, if the flow rate depends on the screw speed.
  Time control (Relative control)/Base on filling time Specifies the profile of a relative flow rate versus the filling time or a percentage of the total filling time.

Filling Time (sec)

Displays the filling time from the Fill Settings PropertyManager. You can enter the filling time profile data in absolute (Time sec) or relative (Time %) values.

Flow rate (%)

The Flow Rate (%) values you enter in the table are interpreted relative to each other. For example, if two data points are defined with Flow Rate values of 10% and 30%, the flow rate for the second data point is three times larger than the first flow rate value. SOLIDWORKS Plastics calculates the actual volumetric flow rates for each data point to satisfy the given relative profile and the filling time for the cavity.


Applies the current settings to the flow rate profile.

You must click Apply to activate the settings.
  Export Exports the Flow Rate Profile settings to a .csv file.
  OK Applies the Flow Rate Profile settings and closes the panel.
You must click OK to activate the settings.
  Cancel Ignores the Flow Rate Profile settings and closes the panel.