Report PropertyManager

You can generate a project report to share key findings and results of your simulation with your team members and project stakeholders.

To open the Report PropertyManager, do one of the following:

  • In the PlasticsManager tree, right-click Results, and click Report.
  • In the Plastics CommandManager, click Share > Report.
Fill in the tabs with your project-specific information.

Three report formats are available: Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, and HTML. The app saves the report in all three formats by default.

Header Info Add key aspects of the project, such as Title, Date, Creator, Department, and Organization. You can also specify a company logo and URL.
Description Add a description of the project including details, such as summary, observations, and conclusions.
Generate Image File
  • Select all simulation results to include in the report, or select individual results.
  • Save images as static GIF files or AVI animations.
  • Customize the orientation of each image under Orientation.
  • Under Description, add notes to document key insights from the simulation results.
Save Options

Save as

Select the format to save the report as an HTML, Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint file. The default selection includes all three formats.

Save to

Specify the folder location to save the report. The default location is the study's folder.