Warp Parameters PropertyManager

Warp parameters control the Warp process and its environment.

To open the Warp Parameters PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, expand Global Parameters , and double-click Warp .


Gravity Downward Direction for Warp Specifies the direction of the gravitational force in the global coordinate system. Select one of the global coordinates X-, Y-, or Z- to define the direction of the gravitational force.

Solver Settings

Solver Type Specifies the solver type for the analysis. The AMG iterative solver is the default option and uses the least amount of memory for the computation. The Direct solver uses more memory to run the analysis but can reach a solution faster.
AMG cycle iteration number Specifies the number of iterations for the AMG iterative solver.
High quality mesh (quadratic) Enables the use of quadratic (second order) finite elements. This may improve accuracy but the analysis takes longer to run.