Design Studies

You can create a Design Study to perform an optimization or evaluate specific scenarios of your design. The Design Study offers a uniform workflow for the Optimization and Evaluation studies.

You can plot the updated bodies and the calculated results for different iterations or scenarios by selecting their columns on the Results View tab.

You can work on a number of problems by using a design study. You can:

  • Define multiple variables using any simulation parameter, or driving global variable.
  • Define multiple constraints using sensors.
  • Define multiple goals using sensors.
  • Analyze models without simulation results. For example, you can minimize the mass of an assembly with the variables, density and model dimensions, and with the constraint, volume.
  • Evaluate design choices by defining a parameter that sets bodies to use different materials as a variable.
To create a Design study, perform one of the following actions:
  • Click the down arrow on Simulation Advisor (Simulation CommandManager) and select New Study. Under Type, click Design Study .
  • Click Insert > Design Study > Add.
  • Right-click the study tab and click Create New Design Study.

A Design Study tab appears at the bottom of the graphics area.

Different sensors are available for use in Design Studies depending on your SOLIDWORKS license and whether you are running an Evaluation study or an Optimization study.