Import Study Features

You can import simulation features defined on a part or sub-assembly document into a new static study created on an assembly document that contains the same part or sub-assembly document.

To import predefined study features into an assembly document:

  • Right-click the top study icon in a Static study PropertyManager, and select Import Study Features , or
  • When creating a new Static study, in the Study PropertyManager select Import Study Features under General Simulation > Static.
The assembly hierarchy lists parts and sub-assemblies with predefined Simulation studies. From the list, select the parts or sub-assemblies to import their simulation features into a new static study. Click to switch between flattened and hierarchical view for the assembly components.

The simulation features you can import are: body types (solids, shells, and beams), material, contact, connectors, fixtures, loads, and mesh control definitions from static studies. You can import all these types of simulation features, or select which features to import.

You cannot import study features from 2D Simplification studies (plane stress, plane strain, and axisymmetric).
Select All Selects all predefined Simulation features to import.
All body types and Materials Imports the body definitions (solids, shells, and beams) and materials.
  All Connectors and Contacts Imports all connector and contact definitions.
All Fixtures Imports all fixture definitions.
All External Loads Imports all external loads definitions except the loads:
  • Gravity
  • Centrifugal
  • Thermal loads imported from a thermal study or a Flow simulation study
  • Fluid pressure imported from a Flow simulation study
All Mesh Control Imports all mesh control definitions.
  Study Selection Filters the static study that contains the features to import. There could be more than one static study associated to the selected component.
  Configuration Name Lists the configurations of the selected static study to import (for more than two configurations per study). You can only import simulation features associated with the selected configuration.
  Propagate imported study features to all instances (*) For models that have multiple instances of the same part or sub-assembly and the same configuration, you can propagate the selected study features to all instances. An asterisk appears next to the selected part or assembly documents.