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ConvertToMeshBody Method (IBody2)

Converts a solid body to a mesh BREP (boundary representation) body.

.NET Syntax

Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Function ConvertToMeshBody( _
   ByVal GroupFacetsIntoFaces As System.Boolean, _
   ByVal KeepOriginalBody As System.Boolean, _
   ByVal HideOriginalBody As System.Boolean, _
   ByVal MeshRefinement As System.Double, _
   ByVal AdvancedMeshRefinement As System.Boolean, _
   ByVal MaximumDistance As System.Double, _
   ByVal MaximumAngle As System.Double, _
   ByVal DefineMaxElementSize As System.Boolean, _
   ByVal ElementSize As System.Double, _
   ByRef ErrorCode As System.Integer _
) As System.Object
Visual Basic (Usage) 
Dim instance As IBody2
Dim GroupFacetsIntoFaces As System.Boolean
Dim KeepOriginalBody As System.Boolean
Dim HideOriginalBody As System.Boolean
Dim MeshRefinement As System.Double
Dim AdvancedMeshRefinement As System.Boolean
Dim MaximumDistance As System.Double
Dim MaximumAngle As System.Double
Dim DefineMaxElementSize As System.Boolean
Dim ElementSize As System.Double
Dim ErrorCode As System.Integer
Dim value As System.Object
value = instance.ConvertToMeshBody(GroupFacetsIntoFaces, KeepOriginalBody, HideOriginalBody, MeshRefinement, AdvancedMeshRefinement, MaximumDistance, MaximumAngle, DefineMaxElementSize, ElementSize, ErrorCode)
System.object ConvertToMeshBody( 
   System.bool GroupFacetsIntoFaces,
   System.bool KeepOriginalBody,
   System.bool HideOriginalBody,
   System.double MeshRefinement,
   System.bool AdvancedMeshRefinement,
   System.double MaximumDistance,
   System.double MaximumAngle,
   System.bool DefineMaxElementSize,
   System.double ElementSize,
   out System.int ErrorCode
System.Object^ ConvertToMeshBody( 
&   System.bool GroupFacetsIntoFaces,
&   System.bool KeepOriginalBody,
&   System.bool HideOriginalBody,
&   System.double MeshRefinement,
&   System.bool AdvancedMeshRefinement,
&   System.double MaximumDistance,
&   System.double MaximumAngle,
&   System.bool DefineMaxElementSize,
&   System.double ElementSize,
&   [Out] System.int ErrorCode


True to group facets into multiple faces, false to convert the mesh into a single face; valid only for graphics bodies
True to maintain a reference copy of the original solid or surface body; false to not
True to hide the original body, false to not; valid only of KeepOriginalBody is true
0.0 (larger mesh facets) <= Percent refinement <= 100.0 (smaller mesh facets); valid only if AdvancedMeshRefinement is false
True to specify maximum distance and angle, false to not
Maximum distance deviation in meters
Maximum angle deviation in radians
True to specify the maximum length of the fins, false to not
Length of fins in meters; valid only if DefineMaxElementSize is true
0 if successful, -1 if errors

Return Value

Array of:

One body (if this is a solid body)

 - or -

Multiple surface bodies (if this is a graphics body)



'1. Open a part that contains a solid body, a graphics body, or a mesh body.
'2. If you open a solid body, this macro converts it to a mesh body.
'3. If you open a graphics body that is meshed or you open a mesh body, multi-select the mesh facets that
'   can be used to create a plane, cylinder, cone, or sphere.
'4. Open an Immediate window.
'1. Inspect the Immediate window.
'2. If a solid body was opened, Body-Convert to Mesh BodyX is created in the FeatureManager design tree.
'3. If a graphics body or a mesh body was opened and you selected facets,
'   this macro creates a Surface-From-MeshX feature from the selected mesh facets
'   using the specified facet tolerance and extend surface size.
'   If ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh is -1, then select more mesh facets and/or
'   change the IGraphicsBody/IMeshBody::SurfaceFromMesh parameters (SurfaceType/FacetTolerance/ExtendSurfaceSize).
Option Explicit

Sub main()
    Dim swApp As SldWorks.SldWorks
    Dim swModelDoc As ModelDoc2
    Dim swFeatMgr As FeatureManager
    Dim swSelMgr As SelectionMgr
    Dim swSelData As SelectData

    Dim boolstatus As Boolean
    Dim longstatus As Long, longwarnings As Long

    Set swApp = Application.SldWorks
    Set swModelDoc = swApp.ActiveDoc
    Set swSelMgr = swModelDoc.SelectionManager
    Set swSelData = swSelMgr.CreateSelectData
    swSelData.Mark = 1
    Dim swPartDoc As PartDoc
    Set swPartDoc = swModelDoc
    Dim vAllBodies As Variant
    vAllBodies = swPartDoc.GetBodies2(swAllBodies, False)
    Dim swGenericBody As Body2
    Dim lBodyType As Long
    Dim swBody As Body2
    Dim swGraphicsBody As GraphicsBody
    Dim swMeshBody As MeshBody
    Dim swBodyFeat As Feature

    'Use first body that is Solid, Mesh or Graphics Body
    Set swBody = Nothing
    Set swMeshBody = Nothing
    Set swGraphicsBody = Nothing
    Dim i As Integer
    For i = 0 To UBound(vAllBodies)
        Set swGenericBody = vAllBodies(i)
        lBodyType = swGenericBody.GetType
        If lBodyType = swBodyType_e.swSolidBody Then
            Debug.Print "Body type is swSolidBody"
            Set swBody = swGenericBody
            Exit For
        ElseIf lBodyType = swBodyType_e.swMeshBody Then
            Debug.Print "Body type is swMeshBody"
            Set swBody = swGenericBody
            Set swMeshBody = swBody.GetMeshBody
            Exit For
        ElseIf lBodyType = swBodyType_e.swGraphicsBody Then
            Debug.Print "Body type is swGraphicsBody"
            Set swBody = swGenericBody
            Set swGraphicsBody = swBody.GetGraphicsBody
            Exit For
        End If
    Next i
    Dim lSelObjType As Long
    Dim lSelObjCount As Long
    lSelObjType = swSelMgr.GetSelectedObjectType3(1, -1)
    If lSelObjType = swSelNOTHING Then
        Debug.Print "Nothing is selected"
    ElseIf lSelObjType = swSelSOLIDBODIES Then
        Debug.Print "swSolidBody is selected"
    ElseIf lSelObjType = swSelGRAPHICSBODY Then
        Debug.Print "swGraphicsBody is selected"
    ElseIf lSelObjType = swSelMESHSOLIDBODIES Then
        Debug.Print "swMeshBody is selected"
    ElseIf lSelObjType = swSelFACETS Then
        Debug.Print "swSelFACETS is selected"
        Debug.Print "Nothing interesting is selected"
    End If

    Dim swSurfaceBody As Body2
    Dim SurfaceType As Long
    Dim FacetTolerance As Double
    Dim ExtendSurfaceSize As Double
    Dim ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh As Long
    Set swSurfaceBody = Nothing
    SurfaceType = swSurfaceTypes_e.PLANE_TYPE
    FacetTolerance = 0
    ExtendSurfaceSize = 0.023
    ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh = 0

    If Not swGraphicsBody Is Nothing Then  'And lSelObjType = swSelFACETS
        Debug.Print "Testing GraphicsBody.SurfaceFromMesh"
        Set swSurfaceBody = swGraphicsBody.SurfaceFromMesh(SurfaceType, FacetTolerance, ExtendSurfaceSize, ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh)
        Debug.Print "ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh = " & ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh
    ElseIf Not swMeshBody Is Nothing Then 'And lSelObjType = swSelFACETS
        Debug.Print "Testing MeshBody.SurfaceFromMesh"
        Set swSurfaceBody = swMeshBody.SurfaceFromMesh(SurfaceType, FacetTolerance, ExtendSurfaceSize, ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh)
        Debug.Print "ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh = " & ErrorCodeSurfaceFromMesh
    ElseIf Not swBody Is Nothing Then
        Debug.Print "Testing ConvertToMeshBody"
        swBody.Select2 False, swSelData
        Dim outBodiesArray As Variant
        Dim GroupFacetsIntoFaces As Boolean
        Dim KeepOriginalBody As Boolean
        Dim HideOriginalBody As Boolean
        Dim MeshRefinement As Double
        Dim AdvancedMeshRefinement As Boolean
        Dim MaximumDistance As Double
        Dim MaximumAngle As Double
        Dim DefineMaxElementSize As Boolean
        Dim ElementSize As Double
        Dim ErrorCode As Long
        GroupFacetsIntoFaces = False
        KeepOriginalBody = False
        HideOriginalBody = False
        MeshRefinement = 0.005
        AdvancedMeshRefinement = False
        MaximumDistance = 0.01
        MaximumAngle = 0.05
        DefineMaxElementSize = False
        ElementSize = 0.01
        ErrorCode = -1
        outBodiesArray = swBody.ConvertToMeshBody(GroupFacetsIntoFaces, KeepOriginalBody, HideOriginalBody, MeshRefinement, AdvancedMeshRefinement, MaximumDistance, MaximumAngle, DefineMaxElementSize, ElementSize, ErrorCode)
        If IsEmpty(outBodiesArray) Then
            Debug.Print "outBodiesArray is Empty"
            Dim lCount As Long
            lCount = UBound(outBodiesArray) - LBound(outBodiesArray) + 1
            If lCount > 0 Then
                Debug.Print "outBodiesArray has " & lCount & " elements."
                Dim swNewBody As Body2
                Set swNewBody = outBodiesArray(0)
                If Not swNewBody Is Nothing Then
                    Debug.Print "Returned a Body"
                    Debug.Print "No Body Returned"
                End If
               Debug.Print "outBodiesArray has no elements."
            End If
        End If
        Debug.Print "ErrorCodeConvertToMesh = " & ErrorCode
    End If
End Sub


Call this method for each body you want to convert.

This method creates Body-Convert to Mesh Body in the FeatureManager design tree.

This method is analogous to the SOLIDWORKS menu Insert > Mesh > Convert To Mesh Body. For more information, see the SOLIDWORKS user-interface help > Parts and Features > Graphics Mesh and Mesh BREP Bodies > Converting Solid, Surface or Graphics Bodies to Mesh topic.


See Also


SOLIDWORKS 2023 FCS, Revision Number 31

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