Storing Custom Content

You can save custom appearances, decals, and scenes in their respective PropertyManagers.


In the Appearances PropertyManager, click Advanced. On the Color/Image tab, under Appearance, click Save appearance.


In the Decals PropertyManager, click the Image tab. Under Decal Preview, click Save Decal.


In the Edit Scene PropertyManager, click the Advanced tab. Under Scene File, click Save Scene.

Custom Folders on the Task Pane

After you save a custom file, you are prompted to add the folder containing the file to the appearances, decals, or scenes folders in the Task Pane. If you click Yes, a blue folder containing the file is added to the Task Pane:

Custom appearances
Custom Decals
Custom scenes

On the Task Pane, you can copy all appearances, scenes, and decals by right-clicking and selecting Copy. You can cut, copy, paste, delete, or rename custom appearances, scenes, and decals by right-clicking and selecting a command from the shortcut menu.

Folders Listed in File Locations Options Dialog Box

The custom folders on the Task Pane are synchronized with the folders in Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations , for folder types Custom - Appearances, Custom - Decals, and Custom - Scenes. When you add or delete a file in one location the change occurs in both places.