Modifying the Hole Callout Format

You can modify the hole callout format by editing the hole callout format definition file, calloutformat.txt.

Below is an example for editing calloutformat.txt.

Using the code of the symbol library, you can position symbols and order them in the definition of each hole wizard type. For example, <MOD-DIAM> creates a diameter symbol. The end of the file contains text descriptions of the variables.

*Valid Hole Wizard variables are as follows:
  • *<hw-type>
  • *<hw-std>
  • *<hw-fsttyp>
  • *<hw-fstsze>
  • *<hw-cbdepth>
  • *<hw-cbdia>
  • *<hw-cdrlang>
  • *<hw-cdrldepth>
  • *<hw-cdrldia>
  • *<hw-csang>
  • Type
  • Standard
  • Fastener Type
  • Fastener Size
  • Counterbore Depth
  • Counterbore Diameter
  • Counterdrill Angle
  • Counterdrill Depth
  • Counterdrill Diameter
  • Countersink Angle

To use the definition file:

  1. Locate the type of hole you want.

    Definition of a countersunk through hole:

    COUNTERSINK-THRU=<MOD-DIAM> <hw-thruholedia> <hw-thru>;\

    <HOLE-SINK><MOD-DIAM> <hw-csdia> X <hw-csang>


  2. Modify the definition.

    In this example, the text C'SINK and a space are added before the <MOD-DIAM> symbol:

    COUNTERSINK-THRU=C'SINK <MOD-DIAM> <hw-thruholedia> <hw-thru>;\

    <HOLE-SINK><MOD-DIAM> <hw-csdia> X <hw-csang>