You can define styles, similar to paragraph styles in word processing documents, for dimensions and various annotations (Notes, Geometric Tolerance Symbols, Surface Finish Symbols, and Weld Symbols). When you use styles with annotations, you can repeat commonly used symbols.

With styles, you can:
  • Save a dimension or annotation property as part of a style.
  • Name styles so that they can be referenced.
  • Apply styles to multiple dimensions or annotations.
  • Add, update, and delete styles.
  • Save and load styles. You can also load styles saved from other documents and located in other folders.
  • Use the styles globally through the Design Library.
The functionality of styles includes:
  • When adding an annotation, you can preselect an item that uses a style, and that style becomes the default for the new item. If you click a location first, no style is used for new items.
  • You cannot apply styles to dimensions created by Hole Callouts.
  • When you insert dimensions from a part or assembly into a drawing using Insert Model Items, the dimensions' styles belong to the original model and you cannot assign drawing styles to the inserted dimensions. You can instead load the part or assembly styles into the drawing. In this case, changes to the styles in the drawing change the styles in the part or assembly document.
  • You can load the part or assembly styles into drawings. Changes to the styles in the drawings change the styles in the part or assembly document.
The extensions for styles are:
Dimensions .sldstl
Notes .sldnotestl
Geometric Tolerance Symbols .sldgtolstl
Surface Finish Symbols .sldsfstl
Weld Symbols .sldweldstl

The file extension, .sldfvt, is also supported by styles.