Table Templates

Standard templates for Bend Tables, Bills of Materials, Hole Tables, Punch Tables, Revision Tables, Weldment Cut Lists, Weld Tables, and Title Block Tables are available in <install_dir>\solidworks\lang\<language>. You can specify a different folder, and you can save and use custom templates.

Table File Name Extension
General Table .sldtbt
Bend Table .sldbndtbt
Bill of Materials .sldbomtbt
Hole Table .sldholtbt
Punch Table .sldpuntbt
Revision Table .sldrevtbt
Weldment Cut List .sldwldtbt
Weld Table .sldwldtbt
Title Block Table .sldtbt
The software does not provide a template for general tables.

Custom templates contain headings and formatting, but not table contents.

The table PropertyManagers remember the last used template.