Using DimXpert Size Dimension

You can use the DimXpert Size Dimension tool to place tolerance size dimensions on DimXpert features. In the following procedure, you dimension a simple hole.

To use the DimXpert Size Dimension tool:

  1. Click Size Dimension (MBD Dimension toolbar) or Tools > MBD Dimension > Size Dimension.
  2. Select the face of the feature to dimension.

    To define a width feature, you can also select a linear edge bounded by two parallel planes that are perpendicular to the edge. Edge selection is only supported for width features.

    The Feature Selector appears in the graphics area with a default feature type selected. You can select a different type of feature in the feature selector.
    Use the appropriate feature selector option when defining a new width or compound hole from multiple faces.
  3. Click to place the dimension.
    The DimXpert PropertyManager appears. The selected feature is listed as Tolerance Feature under Reference Features.
    In general, you can attach dimensions to any edge of the feature or to any pattern instance. Select the dimension and use its drag handle to reposition the dimension.
  4. Set the PropertyManager options and click .
    The DimXpertManager updates to include the feature and dimension type.