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Image Configuration

The Image Configuration page lets you create scene snapshots from multiple viewpoints.

These options apply to image formats you select on the Publish page.

This page discusses:

Camera views

Options in this category enable you to define camera views.

Command NameDescription
Camera views

Generates images for the specified camera views using the default properties of the input files (the same state as when you first load a file in Composer). Select planar camera views from the left illustration and corner views from the right illustration.


Specifies the projection mode:

  • Orthogonal - Eliminates the effect of distance (actor sizes remain constant).
  • Perspective - Actor sizes depend on their distance from the camera. You can change the default perspective angle.

Orthogonal ModePerspective Mode

Anti-aliasingPerforms anti-aliasing, which improves image quality by smoothing edges (removes jaggies).


Options in this category apply to views.

Command NameDescription
Use .smgView file

Generates an image for each view in the specified .smgView file. When converting CAD files, the GUIDs in the view file must match the converted CAD file.

Use internal views (only for .smg, .smgXml, or .smgProj)Generates an image for each view contained in (for .smg) or referenced by (for .smgXml and .smgProj) the Composer file.


Sync uses Composer profiles when generating images. Profiles define properties such as image size and line width.

Command NameDescription
High Resolution

Specifies a predefined profile from the High Resolution Image workshop, which is used when generating raster images.

Technical Illustration

Specifies a predefined profile from the Technical Illustration workshop, which is used when generating vector images.

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